Affiliate program

Join our affiliate team to promote ultimate, easy-to-use tech that enables anyone to express themselves through handmade tailoring and earn commission.


Friendly benefits

Good commission

Highly competitive commission rates starting at 15%, with increased amounts available for high performing affiliates.

Unlimited earnings

We work with Cost Per Sale (CPS) pay-out model. That is, you do not have a limitation of earnings.


Tracking and detailed reporting options provided through the convenient affiliate platform.

Marketing materials

We provide you with professional banners, text ads, interviews, product descriptions – everything you need to increase sales.

180-day cookies

A 180-day cookie duration; earn commissions from leads you send for a 6 month.

Affiliate support

Recieve support from our affiliate manager if you have any questions. Our partnership is important to us.

Are you a good fit?

  • Tell your audience about Fayma technology, and inspire them to create beautiful things.
  • Write or talk about inspiration, creativity, or other handmade related topics on your blog, social media, YouTube, podcast or other channels.
  • Tap into a new source of revenue by including Fayma on your channel to earn a commission.

How it works

All you need to do after joining the program is link to our site from yours. The links contain a special code that tracks which site a customer visits from, and when they place an order with us, you receive a commission for every item they purchase!

It is simple and transparent, we run our affiliate program with Tapfiliate affiliate platform, which means all your sales are tracked by an external third party system so you can be sure of your progress and reportincag on how much you’ve earned.

Become an affiliate today and earn!

Promote your work and earn more.

Use social media on any platform to promote your link.

Our philosophy

Everybody knows the hardships of buying clothing online. From tiresome browsing, to trying to guess how this particular size will look in this particular manufacturer’s execution. Market researchers claim that up to half of the clothing items purchased online are returned due to them being an imperfect fit!

This is not surprising as only 1 in 250 people possess standard, average body measurements.

What to do for those who do not fit women’s standards of sizes from 34 to 44? It would seem that the sewing pattern industry was created for this purpose. To give the opportunity to create beautiful individual clothes to everyone, taking into account the characteristics of each figure. When we go to popular pattern stores, we see all the same sizes! But it doesn’t have to stay this way.

We believe that trying to standardize women is not acceptable, and our development is a manifesto of the uniqueness of being female. That’s what our motto is about: "No more sizes. Only me"That's the philosophy of Fayma, to offer a solution that will allow you to create beautiful clothes according to your pixel-perfect pattern, which takes into account all the features of the figure.

No more sizes. Only me.