Less is More

Over the past year, your wardrobe has probably undergone drastic changes. Even more hoodies, lounge wear, leggings and voluminous T-shirts with sneakers. Can you remember the last time you were looking for a cool dress to go out in? Sometimes, just to remind myself how it feels, I put on a Spotify dance party playlist, pour a glass of my favorite wine, dress up and spin in front of the mirror. Instant mood lifter.

One of the major trends that will be everywhere for 2022 is mini mania! Take a look at our selection of the most diverse mini dresses. From sky-high hems to sweet collars, party attire is definitely back and you should be ready!

The wonderful news is that dressing according to the latest fashion trends is not only simple, but also fun. With the help of our unique Fayma technology, you can create clothes that will suit you perfectly, and you don't even need sewing skills. Our algorithm will do all the difficult work for you, you just need to choose the design you like, enter your measurements and voila - magic happens - you get the pixel-perfect pattern that takes into account all the nuances of your figure.


Is it a crime to want to feel sexy? Definitely not! And there is an easy solution - the slinky dress. While black dresses always make an appearance come the collections, designers have reimagined them using form-fitting silhouettes, lightweight fabrics, and plenty of alluring cut-outs. Let's test your level of courage.

Puff Sleeves

Blame it on cottage core or Bridgerton, but the puff sleeve, particularly on dresses, is what should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. By picking a dress that's otherwise minimal, you can easily wear the puff sleeve trend for any occasion, an interview, work or even a hot date. A volumized sleeve packs all the statement you need.

Joyful Prints

I've lost count of how many times I've seen dresses with interesting prints on the catwalks of famous designers that could be viewed as an art object. And one thing is indisputable this season - if the dress does not make you smile, then it has no place in your wardrobe.

Not Mittens

No one said it was necessary to abandon cozy outfits, it’s now about directing your eyes to indoor/outdoor dresses. Let's face it - with more people continuing to work from home, versatile dressing will continue to be important. No dress is more up to the task than those of the knitted variety, it can be worn either at home or at the office for cozy chic. 

Sweet Collars

It's a detail that's long been dominating blouses, but now all kinds of collars are cropping up on dresses across the fashion world. A strict white collar for work, an exquisite lace one for a date, or a wide collar with a floral print for any occasion, you will be surprised how versatile this trend can be.


Let's dive into an epidemic of pink! Not even kidding, pink is the new black! This color suits absolutely everyone, just find your perfect shade. It's time for a little pink dress.