Sewing Patterns

For centuries, creating custom clothing has always been reserved for those who have had decades of dedicated training or generations of passed-down knowledge and skill. Fayma is proud to offer a powerful and easy-to-use technology that allows anyone to express themselves with personally tailored clothes no matter their skill level or experience with pattern making. With just the download of our mobile app and the purchase of your favorite sewing patterns from our online store, Fayma’s technology will be able to customize your patterns to fit your body like a glove.

More than Just Patterns for Sewing

In today’s day and age, we’re putting more of a focus on size inclusivity. That being said, buying clothes online or finding something that fits well in stores can still be a challenge. With only one in about 250 people having standard body measurements for in-store or online clothing, we figured there had to be a better way to help women sized 34 to 44 find the stylish, classic clothes they desire.

Our philosophy at Fayma is reminding women that the clothes they wear should fit their bodies and that their bodies should not have to be altered to fit into standard clothing. We're revolutionizing the fashion industry by providing the tools for creating beautiful, expressive, and custom clothing to women of all shapes and sizes. Not only does this create a more inclusive environment for women to express themselves through clothing, but it also encourages our users to get creative and feel confident in creating the pieces they always wanted.

With Fayma, you get more than just a sewing machine pattern. Every single one of Fayma’s users can benefit from the following, regardless of their measurements and clothing sizes:

  • Personalized sewing patterns that take into account all the nuances of your figure
  • A wide selection of stylish clothes
  • Up to 50 new designs with each new season
  • Easy-to-use technology with a convenient store on the web or mobile app
  • A responsive support team for additional help at your fingertips
  • Simple, secured payment options
  • The indescribable feeling of your unique self-expression

Say goodbye to cheap fabrics that squeeze, gap, drape, and pull in all of the wrong places, and say hello to custom clothing patterns that allow you to look and feel your best every single day.

Best Bespoke Clothing Patterns

At Fayma, we take into account each occasion you may be interested in making your own clothing for. This means no matter what type of clothing you’re looking for – whether that be athletic clothing for an outdoor hike or a well-fitted dress for a formal wedding – Fayma has options for you to choose from.

We encourage you to browse through our online shop and find the right patterns for you. We are proud to offer sewing patterns for dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, and more.

Dress Sewing Patterns

Finding the right type of dress to fit your exact body type can be exhausting. For many of our users, they find that in-store or online dresses at their favorite stores always gap and pull in all of the wrong places. We are proud to offer a variety of different dress designs ranging from casual wear to an elegant gown you can show off at a formal event.

Skirt Sewing Patterns

A well-fitted skirt is often a staple item in our users’ closets. Depending on the fit and fabric choice, our skirt sewing patterns can accommodate for a Sunday morning out on the town or a sultry date night look.

Jacket Sewing Patterns

For many curvy women, well-fitted jackets can be hard to find. Not only do they have to fit the length of your arms and torso, but they also have to fit over your bust and cinch at the waist to flatter your natural silhouette. Our jacket sewing patterns allow our users to create their own perfectly fitted blazer, bomber jacket, statement vest, and more.

Pants Sewing Patterns

Nothing feels better than sliding on a pair of pants that flatter your figure in all the right ways. Our pants sewing patterns allow our users to get beautifully styled trousers for a day at the office or comfortable athleisure wear for days that require a little more flexibility. With Fayma, you can finally have pants that fit your waist, legs, and behind without awkward bunching or gapping.

Choosing Your Perfect Sewing Pattern

At Fayma, we understand that finding the right fit and size for your body isn't always easy. Every company has its own fit and flair that isn't always accommodating to women with curves. Our stylists take into account every woman's body type and shape, and the latest fashion trends to create a truly unique and personalized experience.

We wanted to make choosing your clothing patterns as easy for you as possible. That's why we have filters that allow you to narrow down your options by article of clothing, body type, style type, fabric type, and level of difficulty to sew. This ensures you're choosing a pattern that not only flatters your natural figure but is also within your skill level and accommodates the fabric you choose for your pieces. Simply apply the filters you desire to our gallery of patterns for sewing and choose which designs are right for you.

Remember that all of our sewing patterns are tailored to your body and give you the flexibility to style your clothing your way. All of our gallery images are simply starting points for what's to come. What makes our designs so unique is the spin every one of our users puts on their pieces, whether that be with a textured fabric, a bold print, or a classic color.

Style Your Clothing Your Way

Getting started with Fayma is as quick and easy as making a few clicks. Here’s how you can get started making your own custom clothing.

  1. Register for Fayma. Creating an account with Fayma is very simple. All we need is a reliable email address and a few personal details before getting started. This ensures we keep you in the loop with all the purchases you make, your order's status, your payment confirmations, and any updates we make to our collection of designs.
  2. Buy your favorite designs. Our designers are always doing research to keep our shop stocked with patterns for the latest trends. When choosing your favorite designs, you can narrow your options by pattern type, difficulty level, silhouette shape, and occasion. The best part about choosing your designs is you don’t have to factor in whether we have it in your size – all the patterns for sewing will be tailored to your measurements a little later on.
  3. Finalize your patterns. Once you’ve purchased all of your patterns, they’ll be available to access in your account at any time and from any device. All you need to do is click the “Finalize Pattern” button.
  4. Choose your measurement profile. This is where your measurements will come into play and create the perfect pattern to flatter your individual figure. If you’re new and don’t have a measurement profile already, this step may take a little more of your time. Remember to be thorough when taking your measurements so everything fits the exact way it’s supposed to when you’re all done sewing your patterns. Once you’ve entered your measurements and submitted a picture of yourself, we’ll have them stored for your convenience.
  5. Download and print your patterns. What makes Fayma so quick and easy is the ability to download and print all of your sewing patterns at your convenience. This means you won’t have to wait for the patterns to get shipped to your door. Rather, download the pattern to your device of choice and print it using one of the following printer formats:
  • Projector file
  • A4 (W 21.0 cm x H 29.7 cm)
  • A3 (W 29.7 cm x H 42.0 cm)
  • A2 (W 42.0 cm x H 59.4 cm)
  • A1 (W 59.4 cm x H 84.1 cm)
  • A0 (W 84.1 cm x H 118.9 cm)
  • Letter (W 8.5 in x H 11.0 in)
  • Legal (W 8.5 in x H 14.0 in)
  • Tabloid (W 11.0 in x H 17.0 in)
  • Roll90 (90 cm/35.4 in) 
  • Roll100 (100 cm/39.4 in)
  • Roll110 (110 cm/43.3 in) 
  • Roll120 (120 cm/47.2 in) 
  • Roll130 (130 cm/51.2 in) 
  • Roll140 (140 cm/55.1 in)

When you do go to print your pattern, make sure you print in “Actual Size” or “Custom Scale: 100%.” This will ensure your pattern is sized correctly and ready to sew.

  1. Get started sewing. Sewing your patterns is where you can really start getting creative. Our patterns are just a blueprint for you to download, print, and run with. We encourage all of our users to express themselves with whatever colors, patterns, and textured fabrics they choose to create their perfectly tailored clothing. Our simple measurement system and easy-to-use patterns allow each user to customize their pieces without any tweaking or further alterations.

Create Your Custom Clothing Today

Creating the perfect clothing for your body is easier than ever thanks to Fayma’s exclusive technology and convenient mobile app. We are proud to offer hundreds of designs that are completely tailored to your individual measurements. At Fayma, we’re creating a size-inclusivity revolution by providing trending styles at an affordable price to women of all shapes and sizes. If you’re interested in learning more about Fayma or have any questions we haven’t been able to answer online, we encourage you to contact our Customer Support. One of our team members is always available to help you.