Dress Sewing Patterns

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Finding the right dress for any occasion can be exhausting. Whether you're ordering your clothing online or trying them on in-stores, too many times women complain that the fabric of the dresses they choose bunches up in awkward places, gaps where it shouldn't, and pulls in unflattering ways. At Fayma, we take the latest fashion trends and create them into sewing patterns that are tailored to your individual measurements. This ensures you get the perfect fit every single time with no further tweaking or alterations needed.

Simple Dress Patterns for Ladies

Whether you're just beginning to explore the world of custom tailoring or you've been sewing your own clothing for years, finding simple dress patterns for ladies can oftentimes be a struggle. This struggle can be even more frustrating when trying to tailor your sewing patterns to fit your specific measurements. With Fayma, you can find basic dress patterns or advanced sewing patterns at an affordable price that accommodate your body's shape, size, and measurements with the click of a button.