Floret Dress

Difficulty level Beginner

$ 7.99


This straight casual dress combines a comfortable yet flattering fit with a tailored design for a look that says it all. The long-sleeve dress features attention to detail, with a ruffle along the center for a stylish look that is bound to catch the eye. The slight exposure of skin with the v-neckline on both sides of the dress adds a feminine touch, while the ribbon that runs across the collarbones makes for a pleasingly graceful and stylish detail.
Perfect to pair with booties or sneakers, this dress makes for a
great piece by itself or as a trendy outdoor jacket.

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Easy to Get

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Measure yourself once
Print & sew
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Things you need

  • Fabric
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Sewing thread
  • Serger threads
  • Sewing needle / Universal
  • Two 1cm (3/8”) Buttons
  • Staystitch tape

Fabric recommendations

  • Woven
  • Costume Fabric
  • Stretch Sateen
  • Tencel Twill
  • Challis
  • Linen Blends
  • Cotton Stretch

Fabric weight

  • Medium (6oz-8oz / 204g - 272g)
  • Medium Heavy (8oz-10oz / 272g - 339g)
  • Heavy (10oz-12oz / 339g - 407g)
  • Elastane 0 - 3%


We deliver individual garment construction which means that the fabric amount for each customer will vary. Before sewing, please print the pattern and calculate the needed fabric amount for Your current project.

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