Wide Shirt Base

Difficulty level Advanced

$ 19.99


This model is currently available in PDF. 

Version for CAD software will be available soon. 

Pattern pieces are supplied without a seam allowance, and without certain elements required for finishing the piece (facing, lining etc.); this pattern provides a solid base for drafting your own design. 

Loose fitting, hip length at the side seams and 3/4” (2cm) below the hip level at the front / back center shirt base, that comes with extension for the overlap, upper and under collar and collar stands and with yoke at the back. The half of shirt base include 11/4” (3 cm) amount of allowance for ease and comfort at the chest circumference, it is: full circumference + 23/8”(6 cm). For hip circumference in addition to the ease allowance, there is a 11/4” (3 cm) amount of exemption, it is: full hip circumference + 5“ (12 cm). 

Medium width sleeve with narrowing at the elbow level. Depending on your upper arm circumference, the sleeve cap ease is variable. Sleeve comes with classic size cuff, sleeve plackets and with pleats at the sleeve bottom. 

Depending on your chest circumference your garment can include several bust darts - from one to two.


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Easy to Get

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Fabric recommendations

  • Challis
  • Viscose Challis
  • Suiting
  • Tencel Twill

Fabric weight

  • Medium (6oz-8oz / 204g - 272g)
  • Elastane 0 - 3 %


We deliver individual garment construction which means that the fabric amount for each customer will vary. Before sewing, please print the pattern and calculate the needed fabric amount for Your current project.

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