How it works

Enjoy bespoke sewing patterns – now easier than ever! Each design in our catalog can be adjusted to fit your figure perfectly. Follow these three simple steps, and you will be on your way to a perfectly tailored, one-of-a-kind outfit.

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    Create an account & pick the design

    Register on our website or download the app to set up your account – it will take mere minutes. Why do you need an account? For security and convenience! We`ll 100% securely store your data, including all your custom measurement profiles, that will allow you to create unique styles that are exactly right for your shape & size.

    Latest fashion trends at your fingertips – browse and select what you love. Inspired by everything that`s going on in the world, we keep adding new styles with every coming season. Even if you want to create a thick wool coat in July, you can! Pick any design you wish, and after the purchase, it will be saved to your account, ready to adjust it to your exact measurements.

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    Time to create the measurement profile

    When you`ve saved the patterns to your account, before you can access them, you need to create a measurement profile. Download our easy-to-use app, available on both iOS and Android to enter your dimensions.

    It`s a pretty straightforward process – we`ve provided all the instructions so you can measure yourself correctly. You will only have to do this step once. The measurement profile will be saved to your account, ready for use with every purchased pattern. Simple as that!

    By the way, you can add multiple measurement profiles if you want to create an unforgettable outfit for somebody else.

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    Last but not least - download and print

    We will store all your purchased patterns in your account, and can you can access them all by visiting the "My Patterns" page. Added bonus: all of your patterns are available all the time on all your devices.

    When you`ve added your measurements, click the "Finalize pattern" button and select the measurement profile you need – either yours or the one you made for somebody else. This prompts us to render a custom sewing pattern that is made precisely for the measurements you`ve provided – for clothes that fit like a glove!

    Once your pattern is ready to download, we will send you a notification. Then all you have to do is choose the print format and then download it via the link.

    Make sure that "Actual Size" or "Custom Scale: 100%" is selected in your printer settings.

    And finally, it`s time to print it and get busy with that sewing machine!

  • If you’ve got further questions, please contact with us: